Top 10 Kitchen Sink Brand in India

This blog discusses the Top 10 kitchen sink brands in India. It is unbelievable to imagine kitchens without sinks nowadays. Kitchen Sinks are now becoming essential parts of Indian Kitchens. We always recommend buying kitchen sinks that last a good time. Durability, ease of use, and maintenance are also crucial for Kitchen sinks. Considering these factors and the different types of materials used while making sinks, we are curating this list to make it easy to understand these brands.

Top 10 Kitchen Sink Brands in India Summary:


Indepth about Top 10 Kitchen Sink Brands:

Carysil: The Carysil brand is known for its innovation in materials. They use quartz kitchen sinks, which are quite popular among builders and Indian people. Compared to stainless steel, quartz kitchen sinks provide more durability and less maintenance, which helps you save money. Not only the material but also the design is designed with aesthetic appeal in mind. They ensure that there is no compromise between style and functionality.

Also, the customer experience of this brand is excellent. It helps you from purchase to installation.

NiraliNirali is a brand that sets trends in the Indian kitchen sink market. Its kitchen sinks are very diverse in style. It offers a wide range of Kitchen sinks in premium-looking designs. Anyone Can find the perfect fit for their Kitchen.

Their Kitchen Sinks are durable and resilient, and their performance is long-lasting.

CrocodileThis brand is known for providing innovative solutions for kitchen sinks. It also offers a wide range of accessories and fittings, which enhances its functionality.They are committed to providing a high-quality finish and an easy-to-clean, customer-centric approach.

JindalJindal is not a new name; it’s a legacy brand that specializes in Stainless steel and related products. They also provide high-durability products, and their quality is top-notch.They also provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality.This brand has a very strong presence in India.

Anupam Anupam is a brand built on Indian craftsmanship. It also ensures that each kitchen sink shows the skill and experience of local artisans.They have products for most Indian households. They are also customer-centric, ensuring a positive experience from purchase to installation.

Hindware SinkHindware is also a trusted and well-known brand across india. They provide very diverse products, from Homemade square sinks, pressed sinks, designer sinks, and granite sinks. They work with very diverse technology to maintain the quality of their products. The 10 mm radius curve is among the features they use. This feature shows that they never design products which have design problems. They always provide cury edges and not pointed curves in their kitchen sink.

Parryware: Parryware kitchen Sinks also provide a diverse range of products. Parryware is a band for minimalist design and other top collections. From single-bowl kitchen sinks to complex products, they use a combination of colours like White, Neutral, Timeless, or warm, elegant, and graceful.

Blanco: Blanco is a German Engineering Company known for its precision and quality in every kitchen sink design.They are also committed to a green planet and making their process eco-friendly.

Neelkanth Kitchen Sink: Neelkanth provides a stainless steel kitchen sink. They also use quartz as a suitable material for the Kitchen Sink. They provide peace of mind by providing 25 years of Kitchen Sink. This is the only manufacturer that offers multiple profiles and single-bowl corner sinks. They provide customization for two segments of customers, mainly residential and commercial sinks.

Cera Kitchen Sink: Cera Kitchen Sink always provides the best quality Sanitary products. They have a diverse range of products with different uses. Integrating technology for a unique customer experience is their speciality.

They provide 202-grade Stainless steel and 304-grade stainless steel, which is more durable. They also provide a quartz kitchen sink with coupling and waste pipe single bowl sink for the Kitchen.


Conclusion: These brands have unique styles and customer propositions to attract customers, as well as a diverse range of products. Choosing the above products will always satisfy you. My pick is Carysil in the Kitchen Sink market. 

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